With the COVID-19 crisis and its human, digital, economic and geopolitical consequences, a major transformation of the global order is underway.

The world after the crisis will be different, and its ecosystems more complex than ever. Information with operational and intelligible modeling will be at the heart of new decision-making processes, given the increasingly uncertain context. Future transformations will have to lean against this new paradigm.
Aware of these challenges and uncertainties, Dumon Partners and Princeps Strategy (“DPPS”) have decided to come together on April 2020 as part of a strategic alliance to best meet these expectations.

DPPS has a global calling but has capitalized a strong expertise on the Middle East, Central Asia and the African continent for 20 years. DPPS will serve its clients in particular on the following subjects:

  • Actions in an uncertain world,
  • Production of strategic and actionable information,
  • Operational support for transformation,
  • Legal support for deals in changing situations and/or crisis situations,
  • Renegotiation of deals in crisis

In this context, Princeps Strategy will provide upstream support to Dumon Partners’ entrepreneurial and multinational clients in the following fields:

  • Strategic intelligence,
  • Economic intelligence
  • Government and institutional affairs
  • Security
  • Financial & Business development support in moving areas

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