November 2011 – Bertrand Dumon acted as adviser to 3S Photonics on its acquisition of Manlight with backing from Eurazeo

Paris, November 25th 2011 – 3S Photonics continues its external growth strategy and completes the acquisition of Manlight

3S Photonics, a world leader in the manufacture of optical and opto-electronic components for telecommunications networks, announces that it has acquired full control of Manlight SAS. 3S Photonics finalised this operation with backing from the investment company Eurazeo who owns 83% of the group.

Manlight SAS is an internationally renowned producer of fibre optic amplifiers and lasers that designs and manufactures products for telecommunications carriers, broad band optical access, defence and industrial sectors. Manlight, based at Lannion, France, acquired full control of Highwave Optical Technologies when it was created in 2006. The company employs about thirty experts in the field of fibre optical amplifiers and lasers. Eric Delevaque, Highwave Optical Technologies founder and past Chairman, comments: ‘Our integration into 3S Photonics is a significant change of direction that will stimulate Manlight’s growth. The commercial and technological synergies with 3S Photonics will ensure we realise the full potential of our intellectual property and know-how. ”

Manlight will become a 3S Photonics subsidiary.

“We congratulate ourselves for having completed this acquisition with Eurazeo’s backing because it is a perfect fit with the development strategy that we have agreed.” stated Alexandre Krivine. “The Manlight product range will not only allow us to extend our product offer for existing clients in the telecommunications sector but will also allow us to diversify and realise the added value of the company’s constituent parts by moving up the value chain for LIDAR applications, industrial lasers and in the defence sector.”


3S Photonics: Alexandre Krivine

Acquirer’s legal adviser
Bertrand Dumon

Alcen: Laurence Théry
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