Dumon Partners Lausanne

The Swiss office is based in the heart of Lausanne and specializes in advising Swiss and international entrepreneurs.

The matters dealt by the firm relate to the clients’ residence, their relations with other investors or shareholders, their exit or entry into new companies, the transfer of their professional or private heritage to third parties or to the rising generation, all of which with a view to assessing the tax consequences and the legal steps to be taken to reach the objective set by the entrepreneur.

DP intervenes, as the case may be, solely or through network partners or even external counterparties depending on the skills required for the particular case, namely:

  • Strategic thinking;

  • The execution of the strategy, its adjustment or adaptation if necessary, in particular:

  • The restructuring of the heritage in preparation for a transfer, a merger, an exit or the entry of a new partner;

  • The sale or acquisition of a company, the negotiation, the kick-start and the management of discussions, data room and the alignment of finance, legal and tax teams to the objective set by the entrepreneur;

  • Planning the entry or exit of the entrepreneur;

  • Post-career, financial, tax and critical legal thinking;

  • Drafting contracts;

  • Management of tax consequences;

  • The establishment of a new business, choice of the best structure, financing and assessment on the business plan.

  • Communication with Swiss or foreign tax authorities regarding the international organization of financial flows;

In the execution of its engagement, DP in Switzerland has regular contacts with the federal or cantonal tax administrations and benefits from a relationship of trust in this area.

DP in Switzerland works in the medical, financial, logistics, construction, local and international real estate industries, and makes it a point of honor to share its know-how by also supporting local artisans in the structuring of their business.

Joseph Bechaalany is the Partner-in-charge of the Lausanne office.

T: +41 21 312 6771